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What They Do?

The Literacy Pirates exist to improve the reading, writing, confidence and perseverance of children who are falling behind in school and have fewer opportunities, so they can achieve at school and beyond.

The charity works with children aged 9-12 whose teachers think they would benefit from their support. The children, Young Pirates, come to one of the charity’s two London learning centres – fantastical spaces that embrace the adventurous spirit of a pirate ship - after school, every week for one academic year.

How do we help?

The Trust support the Literacy Pirates Learning Programme which is devised and led by skilled teachers. Children read a book from an extensive library with an adult, one to one or in small groups, focusing on the enjoyment of reading. They also contribute to a creative writing project each term. The support in reading and writing is given by a 600 strong trained community of volunteers. Each year the Young Pirates publish a book, a film and an app and celebrate their achievements with their family and friends.

The Trust are currently supporting this for 12 months.