The Cyril & Eve Jumbo
Charitable Trust

About Us

The charity was established to honour Cyril Margolis and Eve Margolis. The Trust seeks to establish a relationship with the charities it supports, developing an ongoing working relationship over a timescale of a minimum 3-5 years.

Our core interests lie in creating future opportunities, human interaction, the transfer of knowledge and creating a little bit of hope.

We allocate our funds as 50% in the UK and 50% abroad.

We have committed our budget for 2019 but will be keen to open up a dialogue for future projects after March 2020.

We would appreciate initial submissions to be made by email to

All Saints Find Your Feet myAFK Promise Works St Mungo's SAC Find Your Feet Tzedek PAE CA

The Cyril & Eve Jumbo
Charitable Trust Registered Charity Number: 1097209